Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Student Carissa K. at Angel Mounds

Over the summer I worked at Angel Mounds State Historic Site. Day camps are what the summer is all about. We do whatever we can to make the camps authentic and fun. We work late hours and get to work early, but it is all worth it. The counselors are like family, which gives each camp a great feel because we are not afraid to act strange and silly.

This year we even added a Hunger Games themed camp, where the campers learned ancient and modern survival techniques and took part in their very own Hunger Games at the end of camp.
Angel Mounds is an amazing place to be. Everyone has the same opportunities and interns are asked to do a variety of things including planning and running their own activities. I love the camps because they are so different from those I’ve seen. We go on field trips to the Parthenon Museum, Burdette Park, and Scales Lake to give the kids a fun day of play and relaxation that still relates to camp.
We do so many activities it is hard to choose a favorite. We give the campers real materials to work with, like flint for arrow heads or magnesium for their Roman army kits. We want the campers to get the feeling of what ancient people would have worked with and do our best to avoid cardboard and construction paper. We make sure they always have something to take home.
Angel Mounds is relaxed, fun, and gives everyone involved great experience and friendships. It is an amazing part of my life and I encourage those looking for an internship or a place to volunteer to go there.

I got to be Aphrodite during Greek camp. We each
had campers as “children”, which made them demi gods for the week.

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