Monday, March 24, 2014

Upcoming archaeology events

April 2nd:
Presentation by Stephanie M. and the departments high school intern on the process of how they gone about conserving the material being used by Dr.Kaiser for his upcoming book. The emphasis will be on the material and the process of conservation, making it available to the public, and conserving the originals in proper ways. The material has been taken from the collection given to the university by Mary Ellingson's daughter.

April 12th:
SAHA will be going on a department trip to Saint Meinrad, Ferdinand, and the Lincoln Boyhood Home. This trip is free for students to attend.

Miranda A. gives fresco restoration presentation

At SAHA (The Society of Archaeology and the History of Art) tonight a presentation over frescos and their restoration was given by Miranda A. We were able to see different frescoes she has worked on restoring and learned about each step of the process. The presentation was attended by regular club members as well as art history students and even attracted a few non-majors. Be sure to keep an eye and ear out for other things SAHA is planning.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Jackie H. interns at Reitz Home

My internship at the  Reitz Home Museum was an eye opening experience about how a small house museum functions. By working there, it has given me valuable information about what goes into running a small, private museum. During my time at the Reitz Home, I was given numerous jobs which I believe will help me in the future. I gave tours for a few weeks, during the week as well as on weekends, up until the semester actually started. Most of these tours consisted of about five people and lasted for no more than an hour. The information I learned while giving these tours was important in better understanding the history of the home, and the people who came to see it. Once I began working in the offices I was given a multitude of jobs. My main job became dealing with the public media aspect. My jobs included, sending out newsletters via emailbrain, which kept subscribers up to date on all of the activities going on at the Home as well as in the local area; updating the Facebook page and website, making sure all of the information there was correct and presented in an appropriate manner; designing and updating invitations for the Guild’s events, which help the Home raise money; I also received some first hand experience working with PastPerfect, by looking up pieces in the catalog as well as documenting a couple of the items as well. After these main tasks were achieved I also helped Duane Myers, the coordinator, with a multitude of his tasks. I would pick up the mail, receive signatures on important documents from members, help set up the Carriage House for numerous events, answer phone calls about the Home, order much needed office and preservation supplies, and even helped take down exhibits and put up decorations for their Annual Victorian Christmas.  Being an intern at the Reitz Home entails one to be able to multitask, work well with the local community, and be creative. Working here for a semester is worthwhile to those who wish to work with the public and learn about what goes on behind the scenes at a smaller museum.  It was an experience which I enjoyed greatly, and which many others will as well.