Monday, June 28, 2010

Student Elizabeth Bostelman at New Harmony, IN

Elizabeth (top) writes in her own words about her experiences at New Harmony earlier this summer:

The five weeks I spent excavating with USI’s field school in New Harmony, IN were amazing. I wish the excavation could have lasted all summer! The field school reinforced skills I already had and introduced me to new types of sites. My favorite part of the excavation was undoubtedly the week I spent excavating with the Indiana State Museum archaeologist Bill Whepler. Under his supervision, I was able to work on a CRM project at the Harmonist Community House #2, as well as a restoration project at the Fauntleroy House. The pace, the time frame, and mandated limits for the extent of the excavation offered a glimpse into the life of a state archaeologist. Complex archaeology and a variety of artifacts meant you had to excavate with care and watch for changes in soil type and color, as compared to arbitrary levels in which excavation is done in 10 centimeter increments. As well as finding a variety of artifacts, I met a variety of people. I met traditional students like myself, non-traditional students, and professionals in the field; we started out as a group of strangers and, by the end of the five weeks, we were friends.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Student Alli Hayden and Dr. E in Haifa, Israel

This summer, senior Allison Hayden is using funds from an Undergraduate Research Grant from UE to finish work she started last year, when she spent a semester at the University of Haifa, Israel.  She and Dr. E are analyzing and publishing the ground stone artifact assemblage from the Middle Bronze Age phases at Tel Ifshar, which is a site on the coast in Israel.  This past Monday and Tuesday they went through several boxes of ground stone tools in an archaeology laboratory at the University of Haifa.  Although it doesn't sound so exciting, it was fun!