Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Student Catie W. attends AIA conference

Being an undergraduate, this was my first time going to an archaeological conference, or really any conference of this size, and it was an awesome experience! I am from the suburbs of Chicago and since the AIA and APA conference was in Chicago this year, it was really a no-brainer that I should try and go. I was especially excited to get the chance to meet up with some of our UE alums for lunch that Friday thanks to Deb Trusty organizing it through the UE Archaeology Facebook page. It was so great meeting/seeing them!

I went to the conference Friday, Saturday, and Sunday and it was really interesting to hear about the new research, finds, and theories presented, and to just be around so many people so interested in archaeology. Walking in on Friday it really hit me that everyone around me was somehow related to the field of archaeology and it was such a great feeling to already have that connection to them. I really learned a lot and going to the conference just made it even clearer to me that this field is where I belong. I look forward to the day that I may give a presentation or a paper at a conference like this.

UE had multiple people attend the conference along with Catie. Many alumni went or presented including Andrea K., Lisa D., Hilary C., Deb T., and Mike K.

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