Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Archaeology events during International Education Week

November 15-19 was International Education Week at UE.  The keynote speaker was our colleague Dr. Morag Kersel, Assistant Professor of Anthropology at DePaul University.  She spoke to a packed room on the topic "Serving the State: Archaeology, Cultural Diplomacy and Foreign Relations."

Morag Kersel (center) before her talk on Monday.
On Tuesday, two Archaeology majors presented on their excavation experiences abroad in summer 2010.

Megan Anderson ('12) talks about her experiences at the Rio Bravo Archaeological Field School in Belize.

Michael Koletsos ('12) talks about his summer at Nemea, Greece.

Morag Kersel (second from left), Jennie Ebeling (fourth from left) and Megan Anderson (on right) in front of the big map.
Dr. Kersel was interviewed in this recent and very interesting al-Jazeera video called Looting the Holy Land.

Monday, November 29, 2010

20 Years of Archaeology at UE - Roman Banquet

After the alumni luncheon and a nap for some, Archaeology Homecoming festivities continued Saturday afternoon with a fabulous presentation by Chris P. ('05) on his experiences as an archaeologist at Ft. Benning, GA.  In the meantime, some devoted SAHA (Society for Archaeology and the History of Art) officers and members were preparing a feast for the Roman Banquet, which was held at 6:00 in Hyde 8.  Delicious!
Pat Thomas, Jim Berry, Nathan ('02), Chris ('05), Andrew ('94) and Alexis ('94) at Chris' talk.

Some came in togas; some did not.

The garum was tasty!

An archaeologist in training works the room.

20 Years of Archaeology at UE - Alumni Luncheon

The alumni luncheon was held on Saturday November 13 in the Melvin Peterson Art Gallery.  UE's new president Dr. Tom Kazee and his wife Sharon Kazee attended along with about 25 alumni, faculty and friends of the department.  After Dr. Kazee made some opening remarks, Andrew R. ('94) gave a funny and very moving keynote address in honor of Pat Thomas' 20 years of service to UE Archaeology.  Art History faculty member Heidi Strobel thanked Pat on behalf of the department, and Professor of Anthropology and honorary member of the Department of Archaeology and Art History - Jim Berry - gave a toast.  It was a terrific event.

Jim Berry, Misty ('05) and Al Kaiser.

Tori ('10), Heidi Strobel and Sarah ('06).

UE President Dr. Tom Kazee.

Andrew ('94) gives the keynote address.

Heidi Strobel thanks Pat Thomas on behalf of the department.
Andrew ('94) and Alexis ('94) present alumni business cards.

And the surprise gift is ...
... a commemorative hoodie!

Pat Thomas addresses the crowd.

Jim Berry gives the toast.

T-shirts and hoodies on display.

Heather ('09), Haley ('04), Wendy Thomas, Pat Thomas, Andrew ('94), Nathan ('02) and Alexis ('94).

Heidi Strobel, Tori ('10), Abby ('02), Sarah ('06), Kurt, Andrea ('10), Kirsten ('06) and Brandon ('05).

Al Kaiser, Chris Lovasz-Kaiser, Chris ('05), Misty ('05), Micki ('06) and Jim Berry.

Whitney ('03), Pat Thomas and Abby ('02).

Heidi Strobel, Al Kaiser, Pat Thomas and Jennie Ebeling.

20 Years of Archaeology at UE - Bread Baking in Experimental Oven

On Saturday November 13 Lauren ('12) demonstrated the bread oven she built for Food and Drink in Antiquity (ARCH 492) class last spring.  Despite the rain, a group of students, alumni and faculty enjoyed delicious bread baked inside and on the top of the oven, which is located in the campus garden on Frederick Street.

20 Years of Archaeology at UE - Tin City and Lab Open House

On Saturday November 13 Dr. Kaiser and students in his ARCH 340 course introduced alumni and guests to the Tin City project and the Archaeology Lab. 

Joanne with Kurt, Abby ('02) and Brandon ('05) in the lab.

Lizzie (right) at the Tin City site.

Joanne records sherds from a site in southwestern Indiana.

Andrew ('94) learns about Tin City from Sami.

Tin City artifacts.

Dr. E drinks coffee while Nathan ('02) and Andrew ('94) check out the lab.

Dr. Kaiser, Lizzie, Dr. T, Alexandra and Kelly at Tin City.

20 Years of Archaeology at UE Homecoming 2010 - Speed Dating

We celebrated "20 Years of Archaeology at UE" during Homecoming November 12-13, 2010.  We kicked off the weekend with a presentation on the Murlo Excavations by Alexis C. ('94) and two students - Mike ('12) and Megan ('12) - reported on their excavation experiences abroad last summer.  We then positioned returning alumni at specific tables and sent groups of students around to each station as in "speed dating."  It was a great opportunity for students to learn about the diverse career paths of our alumni and for alumni to meet some of our students!  After speed dating, about 40 of us went to Turoni's and enjoyed giant pizzas.  Later that evening, Nathan ('02) gave a very interesting presentation about his research on coins from the Flavian and Trajanic periods.  
Chris ('05) and Kirsten ('06) talk to students about CRM. 

Andrew ('94) talks to students about publishing.

Nathan ('02) and Alexis ('94) represent academia.

Abby ('02) talks to students about graphic design careers.

Sarah ('06) and Micki ('06) represent K-12.

Andrea ('10) and Tori ('10) discuss their experiences as recent graduates.