Monday, May 24, 2010

Student Kaman Law highlighted in Copia magazine

The winter/spring 2010 issue of Copia (a publication of the Evansville Museum of Arts, History and Science) recently featured an article on junior Kaman Law's contributions to the museum since she first started working as an intern and volunteer in summer 2009.  Among other projects, she created virtual history exhibitions for the Museum's website and wrote most of the text panels and labels for the exhibition The Child Mummy (which opened October 30, 2009).  You can find the article on page 9 of this issue of Copia.

Student Lauren Weingart wins 2010 Shirley Schwarz Prize

We are pleased to announce that junior Lauren Weingart has won the 2010 Shirley Schwarz Prize for the best undergraduate research paper on an art historical topic.  The title of Lauren's winning paper is "German Art and the Holocaust: The Representation and Preservation of History in the Visual Arts."  Congratulations Lauren!  Here's a picture of her from this past semester building an earthen oven for her Food and Drink in Antiquity semester project (it is located in the campus garden behind North Hall).

Women's Lives in Biblical Times

Dr. Ebeling's book Women's Lives in Biblical Times was recently published; she signed copies at the Evansville Barnes and Noble last Saturday. 
The recent explosion of novels about female characters in the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament proves that there is great interest in the lives of biblical women. But can we be sure that these highly dramatized reconstructions are based on actual evidence for the lives of women in ancient Israel? Women’s Lives in Biblical Times looks to recent biblical scholarship along with archaeological, iconographic and ethnographic data to reconstruct the life of a hypothetical woman living in an ancient Israelite village in the period of the Judges, ca. 1100 BCE. Each chapter begins with a narrative describing this woman’s life at various ages from her birth to her final illness and death, and continues with an academic discussion of the daily life activities and lifecycle events described in the narrative. Women’s Lives in Biblical Times is thus a uniquely engaging and accessible source for anyone interested in looking beyond the romanticized accounts of biblical women’s lives to a discussion of what we really know about them.

More information about the book can be found here.  Her interview with WNIN's Micah Schweizer can be heard here.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Student summer plans

Check out the summer plans of some of our Archaeology and Art History majors:

Megan Anderson, PAST Foundation's Underwater Field School, Key Largo, FL and Rio Bravo Archaeological Field School, Belize
Elizabeth Bostelman, USI’s Excavations in New Harmony, IN
Josephine Curtis, Customs House Internship, Clarksville, TN
Alexandra Cutler, Southern Illinois University Carbondale’s Excavations at Kincaid Mounds, IL
Joanne DeMaio, USI’s Excavations in New Harmony, IN
Abigail DiGiorgi, ETSU Archaeological Field School, Upper Cumberland Plateau, TN
Kelly Goodner, Central Washington University’s Wenas Creek Mammoth Project, Ellensburg, WA
Allison Hayden, Tel Ifshar Ground Stone Analysis, Haifa University, Israel (funded by UExplore Undergraduate Research Grant)
Michael Koletsos, UC Berkeley Archaeological Field School in Nemea, Greece
Rachel Lawrence, Center for American Archeology Field School, Kampsville, IL
Amanda Lean, National Parks Service Employee, AZ
Stephanie Lee, Center for American Archeology Field School, Kampsville, IL
Kaitlin Lynch, Angel Mounds State Historic Site Employee, Evansville, IN
Daniel Mohorcic, Cultural Resources Analysts, Inc., Evansville, IN
Clare Pressimone, Reading Museum Internship, Reading, PA
Alyssa Richardson, Nappanee Public Library Internship, Nappanee, IN
Matthew Schueller, Balkan Heritage’s Excavations at Hyraclea Lyncestis, Macedonia
Leah Thomas, Sid Richardson Museum Internship, Fort Worth, TX

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Tin City pics from the past

Since 2003, students in Al Kaiser's Field Techniques class have been excavating Tin City on the UE campus.  Here are some pictures through the years ....

Monday, May 17, 2010

Graduation 2010

We are very pleased to annouce the 2010 graduating class in Archaeology, Art History and Classical Studies: Tori Carter, McKenzie Peterson, Andrea Offdenkamp, Sam Ives, Marika Morrett, Dan Mohorcic, Alex Thompson, Julia Dick, Stephanie Sheldon, Lisa Stenten, Matt Schueller, Kate LeClerq and Kaitlin Lynch.  Congratulations!!  Here are some candids:

Monday, May 3, 2010

Scholarly Squad Debunks Biblical 'Discoveries'

ASOR's Media Relations Committee has done a great job responding to the latest Noah's Ark discovery. An article about their response is on AOL News here. We definitely need professionals to respond to such claims as soon as they are made, and Robert Cargill, Eric Cline and others have spent much time over the past week doing so on TV and on the web.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Flintnapping with Larry Kinsella

Dr. E and four students attended a flintknapping workshop with the well-known flintknapper, Larry Kinsella, at Angel Mounds in April. It was terrific! We spent four hours learning from Larry, breaking chert and obsidian, and suffering tiny cuts from the razor-sharp flakes that flew in the air. We'll have to do this again!