Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Caitlyn H. interns for Dr. Strobel

Last semester I worked with Dr. Strobel as her intern, spending the majority of my time updating PowerPoint slides and searching the internet for new pictures to replace slides.  As anyone who has taken one of her classes knows, she uses PowerPoint as well as a slide projector, which is in need of some good updated photos.  I also spent a great deal of time organizing her research, which entailed adding new information to her catalogs, making new catalogs, as well as reorganizing and updating any information she had already collected.  Dr. Strobel also provided me with little, non-time consuming tasks on the days that I was in the work study room.

Besides this work, I helped Dr. Strobel organize Dr. Humphrey’s visit for the Featured Speaker of the International Education Week in November.  This involved joining the International Education Week committee as Dr. Strobel’s representative and working directly with Barbara Pieroni.  I spent my time going back and forth between Dr. Strobel, the committee, and Barbara while also working on anything that applied directly to Dr. Humphrey’s visit.  This involved hanging posters, setting up the display case in the library, planning his visit, attending a party at President Kazee’s home, and spending the weekend with Dr. Humphrey.  I was also involved in preparing the room that Dr. Humphrey gave his presentation in.

Working with Dr. Strobel was a great experience and involved meeting, as well as working with, many different people.  I would encourage more students to take similar opportunities to work with the department’s professors.

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