Friday, May 8, 2015

Alumni Jobs - Various

This is the final post about jobs held by department alumni.  Included here are four graduates who have jobs in various fields.  Their successes just go to show that with a degree from the UE Department of Archaeology and Art History you can do anything!

From the world of publishing - Andrew Reinhard

Andrew Reinhard graduated from UE in 1994 with a double major in archaeology/art history and English (writing). He has an M.A. in art history and archaeology from the University of Missouri-Columbia (1996). Andrew worked as Director of Publications for the American School of Classical Studies at Athens (ASCSA) with offices in Princeton (although the picture is of him at work on the porch of Loring Hall in Athens across the street from the Blegen Library). He published the journal Hesperia and .the excavation monographs of Corinth and the Athenian Agora (among others). He also worked to build the digital publishing strategy for the School. He managed a small staff, edit, applied for grants and subventions, and handled marketing and promotion for archaeological publication. In December 2014 Andrew began his tenure as the publisher for the American Numismatic Society in NYC. ASCSA link:


At the ANS, Reinhard is responsible for creating the strategy for digital publications, which includes Open Access and Linked Open Data initiatives for coins of all periods and regions, as well as creating digital editions of the American Journal of Numismatics, ANS Magazine, and monographs. Reinhard has excavated at Poggio Civitate (Italy), Isthmia (Greece), as well as in Illinois and Kansas. He most recently excavated the “Atari Burial Ground” in New Mexico, featured in the documentary Atari: Game Over. He is a member of the Punk Archaeology collective and Linked Ancient World Data Initiative.
Success in the library - Dan Cavanaugh
Dan Cavanaugh graduated from UE in 2003, majoring in Archaeology and History. He received an MA in History from the University of Massachusetts in 2005 and then spent several years working at Pearson PLC as a Test Writer and Editor. In 2012, Dan received a MLIS from Drexel University and started a new career as an archivist.
He is now a Historical Collections Specialist at the University of Virginia’s Health Sciences Library. The library has a rich collection of personal papers, archives, artifacts, and books that are relevant to the history of medicine from 1493 to the present. His job is to help expand this collection, manage it, and promote access to it. At this moment much of his time is devoted to the development of workflows and systems for managing digital content and to the creation of a small exhibit about Renaissance anatomist Andreas Vesalius.


From archaeologist to veterinarian - Adrienne Pesavento

Adrienne (Penney) Pesavento graduated from UE in 2003 with a Major in Archaeology and a Minor in Anthropology. She went to Louisiana State University  for a Masters Degree in Physical Anthropology with an emphasis in Forensic Science and graduated in 2005. 
After defending her thesis Adrienne realized that she did not want to further pursue forensic anthropology  and moved home to Michigan. While home she got a job at the Michigan Humane Society where she realized that she really wanted to work with animals the rest of her life. Adrienne went back to school and got a job at a veterinary hospital. She is now in the Doctor of Veterinary Medicine program at Ross University. Even though she had a change of life path she is still happy with her undergraduate degree.  She feels it gives her a unique perspective in her new career. She says that if she could go back and do it over again she would still have at least a minor in archaeology, besides the Latin really helps in anatomy! Here she is at her white coat ceremony!

Success behind a desk - Keri Wile

Keri Wile graduated in 2007 as an archaeology major with a bio minor. Keri would have minored in anthropology as well had it been offered as that was her stronger interest.

She moved to Houston right after graduation and was unexpectedly offered a job managing logistics and customer service for a natural pet food distributor. She had expected at the time to enroll in grad school soon, but instead found herself very adept at her new job and making a higher salary than she could expect in most archaeology-related jobs. Keri stuck with it, advanced quickly, and now spends her days setting delivery routes for drivers throughout TX and LA, answering questions about pet nutrition, interacting with manufacturer partners, and generally managing many aspects of a thriving family-owned business. Bonus: her foster dogs can come hang out at work!

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