Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Alumni Jobs - Academia

This is the second post in the series about positions that department alumni hold.  This alumna is one of our early graduates from the program (1994) who is now teaching at the University of Utah.

Alexis Christensen graduated from UE in the spring of 1994 with a B.A. in classical archaeology and a minor in history. In the fall of 1994 she started working on her M.A. in classical archaeology at Florida State University, writing a thesis on Etruscan glass from Poggio Civitate (Murlo). As she was finishing her degree, FSU started a new Ph.D. program in Classical Archaeology which Alexis entered in 1997. While working toward her Ph.D., she spent two semesters teaching for FSU Study Abroad programs.in London and Greece, and picking up a second M.A. in Latin. As Alexis was wrapping up her dissertation (on the spatial dynamic of mosaic floors in Late Republican era houses at Pompeii) in 2006, she was offered a two year position as visiting assistant professor in the Classics Department at the University of Iowa. In 2008, she took a job with the University of Utah as visiting assistant professor in the Languages and Literature department, which houses Classics as well as modern foreign languages and comparative literature. At both Iowa and Utah, Alexis has taught all levels of Latin and Greek, mythology, ancient literature in translation, and different aspects of ancient Greek and Roman civilization and reception studies. She typically teaches three courses per semester, but sometimes picks up a fourth Honors class. In addition to teaching, Alexis is the faculty advisor for the U of U's chapter of ΗΣΦ and is the 2015-2016 president for the Utah Classical Association, which works especially with secondary school Latin teachers. Since 2011, she has been field director for the Sangro Valley Project's excavations in the southern Abruzzo, where they’ve been excavating Roman villas and Samnite habitation sites.
This photo  is from the ΗΣΦ marathon reading of the Aeneid in fall 2013.

 Follow Alexis on Twitter @ProfChristensen
and on her classics blog http://www.nescioquid.com

Department of Languages and Literature at the University of Utah: www.languages.utah.edu
Sangro Valley Project: www.sangro.org

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