Thursday, April 7, 2011

Megan A. talks about her trip to Malta

Junior Megan A. is studying at Harlaxton this semester; this is a report on some of her travels.

Megan at the Blue Grotto, Malta.

Megan in Mdina, Malta.
 While studying abroad at Harlaxton, I've had so many amazing opportunities and experiences. I've been to Barcelona, Spain to see the Sagrada Familia, Scotland to see Edinburgh Castle, and I’ve visited sites all around England, but my favorite trip so far has been to Malta. With the highest concentration of UNESCO World Heritage sites anywhere in the world, it's like a giant open-air museum. I saw everything from the oldest standing structures on earth (the Neolithic temples) to Christian catacombs, to the Medieval City.

Occupying a strategic place in the Mediterranean, Malta has been occupied by many different peoples and each one left a unique mark on their culture. Multicolored boats float on the crystal clear water, citadels and fortresses rise up out of the cities, and their rich food reflects the diversity that has made them what they are today. If you're ever puttering around Europe and need something to do, I highly recommend a visit to Malta!

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