Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Alumnus Profile: Charlie P. ('04) in Minnesota

After graduating from UE in 2004 with a BA in Archaeology and History, I got married to Katie Y. (Archaeology ‘03) and we both started doing CRM (Cultural Resource Management) archaeology. We were not prepared for the experience of our first project, however, and we made some poor choices that left a sour taste.  I then found a job working as a night audit at a hotel while Katie worked as an assistant manager of a retail chain store.  After the hotel closed, we decided to give CRM another chance.  This time we were bitten by the shovel bug and have been working in CRM pretty much ever since.  During the past few years, I have had the opportunity to travel to small towns that seem lost in time and to large cities.  In both, I have been able to take in and appreciate architecture often inspired by the ancient temples, columns and sculpture that I studied at UE.

One thing that differentiates CRM work from many other jobs is that one does not need to specialize in one area or locale; you can work in Kentucky one week and find yourself in Arizona, New York or Pennsylvania the next.  Sometimes you can spend years and years with a single company and then work for only a few days or weeks with another, exploring countryside few have seen and discovering artifacts that no person has touched in thousands of years.  All of the archaeologists that I have talked to agree: there is a very special feeling that comes from holding a tool or other artifact that no one has touched in thousands of years!  This makes the freezing cold, blazing heat, rain, sweat and bugs worth it.  I also promise that you will not find a more interesting group of coworkers; you meet people from all walks of life in CRM, and they are all fascinating.  I can truthfully say Katie and I now have friends all around the world!

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