Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Four UE Archaeology Alumni and One Professor Present at NationalConference

Congratulations to UE Archaeology for having five people associated with the department present at the annual conference of the Archaeological Institute of America.  

Alumna Dani Riebe chaired a session and presented on her work on Late Neolithic and Early Copper Age sites on the Great Hungarian Plain.

Alumnus Nathan Elkins also chaired a session and discussed his analysis of a set of coins minted by the Roman emperor Caligula.
Alumna Deb Trusty described her petrographic analysis of pottery from the Bronze Age Petsas House at Mycenae.

Alumna Elizabeth Frost had a poster about a survey on which she collaborated focusing on attitudes towards conservators in the field.

Prof. Alan Kaiser told an audience about his rediscovery of UE archaeologist Mary Ellingson’s participation in a 1931 excavation in Greece.

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