Thursday, October 3, 2013

Student Mike S. at Jezreel

My experiences started the moment I stepped off the plane at Ben Gurion Airport in May 2013.  Just the look and feel of Israel itself was beyond anything I had ever experienced before, and that is coming from someone who has traveled over three continents.   The kibbutz we stayed on, Kibbutz Yizre’el, was so welcoming and friendly that it very quickly felt like home, especially after a long day of digging or fieldtrips. 

While staying in Israel for four weeks was amazing enough, the excavation part of the expedition was incredible as well.  I was pretty nervous about going on a dig with no experience and felt like I would probably be slowing my trench mates down.  Fortunately for me, the directors and supervisors were very helpful with not only teaching us newbies the proper techniques and procedures for digging, but also things like washing and dating pottery.  I was also nervous about being the only UE student working in my trench, but that too worked out to be great.  It provided an excellent opportunity to meet other people who are interested in archaeology, who in my case, were from around the world.  All in all, probably the most important thing I took away from the expedition is that archaeology is really what I want to do with my life. 

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