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Aces in the Hole June 4, 2012

Jezreel Expedition Blog Entry June 4, 2012 by Emily Mella

Today was our second day of surveying, and I was in charge of filling out locus sheets for the morning. While my drawing skills leave something to be desired, I enjoyed filling out the forms and making sure that we documented each feature that we came upon. After we recorded some easily identifiable features, we plunged into an area of very thick brush and cacti to see what we could find. Some areas were full of prickles and difficult to cross, but we were able to uncover some interesting things, including two mosaic floors, lots of evidence of quarrying, and channels cut into the bedrock. After breakfast, we took a tour of the tel and enjoyed seeing the remains of the tower and examining the many pottery sherds that we found on the surface.

Visiting "Jezebel's Tower" on the tel.
This afternoon we returned to the lower area of the hillside and came across a dead cow that had inexplicably gone unnoticed the day before - most of us didn't even notice it until we were almost on top of it. We documented quite a few caves and several cup marks cut into the rock, as well as more evidence of quarrying. We surveyed the other half of the field, and Sarah and I got stuck on an overhang while looking at a neat cave. The two of us ended up having to backtrack and take the long way back to the others. After more measuring and documenting (I recorded GPS coordinates this afternoon), Mike and I went searching for our missing brush, which somehow ended up near the dead cow. Overall, it was another hot, tiring, itchy, interesting, sunny, eventful, and successful day!

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