Thursday, June 16, 2011

UE Archaeology Majors in Jordan, May-June 2011

Eight UE students and Professors Ebeling (Archaeology), Byrne (History) and Milner (Political Science) spent three weeks in May-June 2011 in Jordan as part of an interdisciplinary three-credit program.  Five Archaeology majors were among the participants.  Students heard lectures by Jordanian experts on a variety of topics, interacted with representatives of Habitat for Humanity, UNRWA and King's Academy, were hosted by a terrific group of UE alumni living in Jordan, and visited numerous archaeological sites, including Jerash, Desert Castles, Ajloun, Karak, Umm Qeis, Pella, Iraq el-Amir, Madaba, Petra, Beidha and more.  We had a fantastic time!  Here are some highlights.

Arch majors at the Indiana Jones Snack Shop in Petra!
UE group at the Treasury, Petra.

Archaeology majors Ashley, Emma, Emily and Marie at Petra.

Archaeology majors join the tea break at the Petra Garden excavation.

Professor Jennifer Ramsey gives us a tour of the Petra Garden excavation.

Archaeology majors Nate, Emma, Emily, Marie and Ashley pose at the Neolithic site Beidha.

Dr E in a reconstructed house at Beidha.

Emily and Nate play a game on an ancient gaming board at Beidha.

Ashley and Nate on camels at Wadi Rum.

UE group at Wadi Rum.

Our campsite at Wadi Rum.

In "UE" formation on the Dead Sea.

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