Monday, December 6, 2010

Alumna Profile: Ti M. ('07) at Fort Garland, CO and in Cincinnati

Ti at Fort Garland, CO.

In the summer of 2008 I participated in Adams State College’s archaeological field school at Fort Garland, CO. We lived at the Fort in our own little tent city (I went through two tents by the end of it as the zippers on the first one I bought broke and the tent leaked like crazy!). It excavation lasted 6 weeks. During the first part of the season, we dug in the garbage section of the Fort for practice, and after that we moved on to the area near the stables and into the cellar of one of the buildings that is no longer standing (the building had burned down, but there was still some food remains, including seeds, left in the cellar). The well I helped excavate was 25 feet deep (below). At the bottom we found literally hundreds of horse shoes, and we have no idea why they were thrown in the well. We had lots of other experiences including Civil War days where reenacters came to the Fort to live like they would have during the Civil War era, and also went to see some early Native sites. It was a wonderful experience overall.

Ti goes down the 25-foot well.

Since graduating from UE I have been working for my father’s company, Nightingale-Alan Medical, and at Old Navy. I've worked on and off for my father for years, and the current accountant is planning to retire, so the job was offered to me by my father and his business partner. I had trouble finding a job in Cincinnati using my degree, and I decided not to do CRM, so I was glad to take this job. In exchange the company is helping pay for my Masters of Science degree in accounting and financing (I am undecided on pursuing an MBA) online through the University of Maryland. My boyfriend Scott and I recently bought a house, and we are doing some major remodeling. Between the house, school and two jobs, I keep very busy.

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